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A software and database developer with extensive experience in developing the application software (VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET as front-end and SQL Server and Access databases as back-end), leader of team development (plan, design, implementation), database and system administrator.


A software development position in an exciting and fast paced environment with an opportunity to grow my career.


OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 2000,2003 Server and Pro, Windows NT, 9x, Linux 

PROGRAMMING:  VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, XML, ActiveX, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET, C++  

DATABASES: MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access 2002, Paradox, FoxPro, ODBC, ADO / RDS  

INTERNET:  IIS , Visual Interdev, .NET, FrontPage 2003

SYSTEM SUPPORT:  Windows 2000, 2003 Server and Pro administration, TCP/IP networking, IIS, SQL Server administration, Linux. 7 UA certificates 


1997-present. Computer Database specialist, Principal, OIA, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Supervising the development team, system designing, developing database and programming for the Teacher-Course Evaluation system (TCE). See overview on:


Design and implementation of Web-oriented Teacher Course Evaluation system ( ) as internet interface (ASP, ASP.NET with Crystal Reports exporting to PDF) and local interface (VB, VB.NET) with SQL Server database as backend including:

Design the TCE database format; develop SQL Server store-procedures to feed ASP, ASP.NET pages with datasets.

Design, development and support of the Web Online TCE reporting for departments ( and for teachers ( ). Application allows the teachers to receive online their TCE reports including comparison graphics and statistics and the departments to receive online the TCE department term reports and reports for promotion and tenure processing.

Design, development and support of the University TL& TCE Web Data Collection System: The application allows collect the initial data on teaching load, teaching evaluation, enrollment and courses taught at the University. System was created using SQL Server database, ASP, Crystal Reports, Visual Interdev 6.0 programming.

Design, development and support of the Students Online TCE System The application allows the online collection of data on student evaluations of the quality of teaching and courses taught at the University (SQL Server database with ASP front-end).

Design, development and support of the TCE Form preprinting local systems for paper style evaluation. The VB application allows to preprint evaluation forma, enter scan data and analyze data on student evaluations of the quality of teaching, print and distribute reports on various aspects of teaching process (Visual Basic 6.0, ODBC, ActiveX technologies, Total VB Statistics, Crystal Reports, Sheridan Grid Controls, Access 2002/2000/97, SQL Server 2000). Documentation is available on The VB.NET application allows preprinting TCE forms and producing reports and labels for TCE packets distribution (VB.NET, Crystal Reports 10). The both local applications work with the same SQL Server database as the web TCE projects allowing the user to work in an integrated environment.

Design and development of the Web Online Surveys System. The application allows collect online data on different surveys opened for UofA students and faculty.

Other responsibilities:

Supervision, technical support and training to programmers and analysts in the use of WEB TCE data collection, TCE software system and TCE database. Intranet administration, Windows 2000,2003 Servers and workstations support, web server support. SQL Server support and administration, computer repair and maintenance. Database reorganization and development. Data processing, course and comparison Statistics calculation, printing TCE reports using TCE software system. Customer support (resolving installation and software problems, training and demonstration of software capabilities, phone support).   

2001- present, Software developer, YANBOR, Tucson, AZ

      ASP, ASP.NET interface with Access database backend.
      College Online Evaluation System development and implementation. Demos:,,
      Surveys system: allows to create and open the online  surveys.
      Community site:

1995 - 1997          Programmer, Work Recovery Inc., Tucson, AZ. Projects:

Team member in large project development of the Borland C++ OWL application for Work Recovery Evaluation System using Code Base tools and Code Controls for FoxPro and Paradox database interface, implementation of word processing with spell checking using TER editor, and graphing ability using ChartPro. Involved in all stages of design and development.

1994 - 1995          Tutor in Math and Computers. Mercy College, Bronx, NY. 


Ph.D. Scientific Research Institute of Computing and Informatics, Moscow, Russia

MA in Math, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

References available upon request.